I Am In Control


A story to teach kids the joy of reading.

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This training will take you on the journey of Frederick, a boy struggling to control his emotions at school and in the home.

Included is a therapeutic story which has proven to be extremely effective in helping children (between grades 3 – 6) discover the joy of reading, while offering them an abundance of positive lessons.

I will read the story to you and break down the various parts where you, the therapist, can offer a variety of therapeutic lessons and discussions for your very own clients. The story rhymes from beginning to end, which helps capture the client’s attention – engaging them – eager to hear and read it again.

You will receive the full story to use on your own, and you will receive a number of shorter rhymes and mantras, which can be passed on to your clients.

Frederick is a likable character, who just feels misunderstood, by everyone, except his therapist. 


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