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Survivors Are Strong


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This training offers a unique approach to aiding men, and women, tap into the strength it took for each to survive their story.

You will be offered a blend of strategies for both the top-down and the bottom-up approach to trauma work.

Survivors are strong, but until our clients embrace each is a survivor of their own story, their trauma has most likely distorted the way they perceive themselves.

In this training, you will learn: effective metaphors, hypnotic inductions, psychosensory meditations, therapeutic stories, and talk therapy strategies which offer you tools to help you build a rapport, create a safe space for your client, and encourage a feeling of empowerment.

Whenever someone comes in for treatment, we have the ability to assist them by devising a new baseline – helping them set the stage for a safe progression – while letting go of the emotional weight associated with what they have survived.

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